Steps to Approval

[x_text]The Division of Family and Children Services will initiate a written Family Evaluation or assessment of each prospective caregiver upon receipt of their application to become a foster or adoptive parent. The evaluation will be completed no later than eight weeks after the applicant completes all pre-service activities, including pre-service training, at least three in-home consultations, and submission of all requested verification forms and other documentation. [/x_text]

The approval process will take place in three phases:

  • (Phase 1: Inquiry)- Caregiver Approval Process

    • Prospective caregivers will inquire about becoming foster or adoptive parents by calling the information line (1-877-210-KIDS).
    • Prospective caregivers will be invited to an information session. They will have the choice of attending an in person session in their county or attending online via a webinar.

  • (Phase 2: Information Session) - Caregiver Approval Process

    Prospective caregivers attend a group or individual Information Session and are provided information about the Child Welfare System, the various types of caregivers, safety screening requirements, and other general information about being a caregiver.

    Each prospective caregiver is given the following handouts which must be completed and returned if the prospective caregiver wishes to initiate the Family Evaluation process:

    • Prospective Caregiver Application;
    • Live Scan Application Form;

  • (Phase 3: Pre-Service Training and Home Evaluation) - Caregiver Approval Process

    During this final process, the family will have a minimum of 3 home consultations to facilitate writing the home evaluation. Upon completion of all required training, paperwork, screenings, home consultations, and written home evaluation applicants will receive a letter from the county notifying them of the final approval.