On-going Training


The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) shall ensure all families approved to provide foster care obtain a minimum of 15 hours of Continued Parent Development (CPD) each year. At least five of the required hours must be obtained via in-person (one-on-one or group) interaction. CPD must be relevant to the type of children being placed in the home.

Approval Date Start of Training 60 days from date of approval Hours due by December 31st
January March 15 Hours
February April 15 Hours
March May 15 Hours
April June 9 Hours
May July 9 Hours
June August 9 Hours
July September 6 Hours
August October 6 Hours
September November 3 Hours
October December 3 Hours
November January 15 Hours *
December February 15 Hours *
*By December 31st of the following year of approval


Regional Trainings

Local or Regional training hours will be arranged by the resource development team assigned to your area.  Please contact your resource development Lead to learn more about what trainings are available to you.  Also, please sign up for our monthly newsletter for other training/educational opportunities.



Annual AFPAG Conference

The annual AFPAG Conference is held each year in February and is an excellent opportunity for all resource caregivers across the state to receive training, resources, recognition, and to network other parents.  Please contact your local/regional resource development team for more information on registration and possible scholarship opportunities.

Click here to view this year’s conference itinerary.

Events in July 2022

  • There are no events scheduled during these dates.