Household Changes

[x_text]Change is a part of every family. It is very important to notify your assigned Resource Development Case Manager when major household changes occur in your home. DFCS will complete an addendum to your home evaluation to address the following significant changes: [/x_text]
  • Change of address.

  • Change in marital status or relational issues.

  • Change in household composition (household members move in or out).

  • Change in employment or financial status.

  • Change in approved capacity.

  • Change in desired placement preferences.

  • Changes that result in new requirements for safety (e.g., pool, firearm, pets).

  • Youth in the home reach the age of 18.

[x_text]Upon notification or discovery of a new household member the Agency has 30 days to complete a safety assessment based on the role and age of the new household member. The assessment could include finger prints, medical, TB test, training, or Child Protective screenings. Once you inform the case manager, they will instruct you on the required documentation. Youth must have a current finger print based Criminal Records check 30 days prior to their 18th birthday. For the safety and wellbeing of our children and families all significant changes should be reported immediately. [/x_text]