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National Foster Care Month

Strengthening families and focusing on their well-being is the key to building strong communities. Whether it’s promoting a collaborative relationship between birth parents and foster caregivers or providing parents with the right combination of supportive services to enable reunification, keeping families together is the primary goal in a successful child welfare system.

This May, National Foster Care Month recognizes that foster care must act as a support system for families, not a substitute for parents. Developing partnerships between local agencies, community organizations, and individuals within a family’s network is key to building a supportive foundation that supports family reunification and preservation.
Visit the National Foster Care Month website to find resources about the following:

The website also provides tools to support engagement in the local community and inspiring real-life stories from families with foster care experience. Hopefully, the items provided will make it easy and fun for you to participate in the national campaign and local programs statewide.

How Can You Help! 

News articles – Reach out to local newspapers, magazine, community newsletters and ask them to feature a story about foster/adoptive family in your county/region

Radio interview – Have families tell their stories on local radio or run PSAs

Appreciation dinner – Community partners and churches will often sponsor these types of events

County commission meeting – Write your county commissioners and ask for them to proclaim National Foster Care Month

Host a movie night- Show an Foster movie and ask families to bring a guest. Click here for a great idea! 

Business newsletters – Contact businesses and ask if you can get an article or announcement in their next company newsletter to celebrate and promote foster care.

Lunch ‘n learns – Schedule to present for a business club during lunch

Fairs or festivals – Set up a booth but don’t forget child-specific recruitment

Local morning shows – Collaborate with a business or donor for advertising or have a representative promote foster care

Billboards, bulletin boards, and displays – Use brochures and other foster care information at doctors’ offices, community events, fall festivals or employee bulletin boards. Reach out to your local Resource Development Lead to get involved here.

Library displays – Ask your local library to do a display of foster care books from their circulation and foster care that we provide

School recruitment – Present at PTA meetings, counselor meetings, staff meetings with teachers, cafeteria staff, custodians, bus drivers, etc.

Church recruitment – Host a prayer vigil, gospel festival, choir competition, announce during a service, have a “special “evening service, post in church bulletin or on bulletin boards

Banner/internet advertising – Post ads on family websites that celebrate and promote foster families, social workers, community advocates, etc.

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Personal interest parties – Encourage families to have interested parents attend a party in their homes or community center for a presentation on foster care

Community walk – Host a walk to raise awareness about the 13,000+ children who are in care

Visual display – Assemble a display that represents the number of children in your county/region without a resource

Network online
Throughout May, we’re encouraging foster families parents and professionals to tweet, text and post short messages and videos online to share why they Foster and spreading awareness.

 Tweet GA DFCS Twitter Page! Visit the GA DFCS Facebook Page!

Share one of our messages, tweet or post on your own social media page using any of the following hashtags:

#NFCM2019 #NationalFosterCareMonth2019

Digital Flyer

For more information regarding activities in your region, please view the regional map here and contact the Resource Development Lead in your area.

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