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The Rowland Family

Adoption is a biblical concept that has a profound effect on both children and parents alike. The very act of adoption demonstrates unconditional acceptance and love for a child or children by adults who have made a conscience decision to regard the child or children as their very own, with all rights and privileges as those of biological children. Our story of adoption began more than ten years ago after learning that we would not be able to have biological children. At that time we thought that God had said “no” to us having children, when He was actually saying, “yes” but not in a way we had expected!

Today, we are the proud and happy parents of seven children, all through the process of adoption! Joshua, who is 10 years old was adopted through a private church fellowship adoption agency, while all the others were through the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. Jacob, who is now 18 came into our home eight years ago via his then school counselor, a member of our church. After learning that there was an 11 year old who needed a forever home, we welcomed him into our home and lives as a Rowland. Two years ago, after going through the training required by the state for foster care and adoption, we received a call that there was a sibling group of five who also needed a forever family. Never expecting to have seven children, we knew that God had placed us in a position to be able to love and care for all five of these children. Saying “no” was not an option for us because we understood the meaning of the biblical words, “to whom much is given, much is required.” Life for us as a family of nine was chaotic at first but eventually smooth out as we adjusted to our “new normal.” Our children are all engrafted into our family, the Rowland 9 who are all, Rowland proud!


There are no words to describe how much having all seven children in our lives today! Our love for them is endless. Not only has adoption changed their lives by being placed in a forever family with a forever love, but it has changed our lives too, as forever parents providing forever love!

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"To whom much is given, much is required." Life for us as a family of nine was chaotic at first but eventually smooth out as we adjusted to our "new normal."


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