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The Maughon Family

We began our journey into foster care in January, 2010. We attended a church with a family whose children were being removed. We were asked to take one of the children in by the parent. My husband and I discussed it and prayed about it, then decided to move forward with taking our son into our home as a fictive kinship placement. A few months later, our case manager asked us about taking his older, disabled brother. We were so uncertain about taking this step, but agreed to have the brother come for a couple of weekends. We were asking God for guidance and to guide us in the right direction.

I needed to go to the grocery store for a few things, so our daughter and the 2 boys wanted to come as well. As we were grocery shopping and all 3 of the children, who were at that time, 9, 12 and 15, were acting like typical kids at the store asking for everything. A woman came up to us and stopped us and said “What a beautiful family you have”. That was our answer. God showed us the direction He wanted us to go in.

At that point, we began the certification process to be able to keep our boys and then right after we became certified, the agency asked us to take 2 of the younger siblings to our boys. In less than a year, we went from a family of 3 to a family of 7. And our lives have been so wonderfully blessed by their addition. We adopted our children the next year and now the ages are 20, 18, 14, 8 and 5. We have never regretted our decision. It has made our lives more complete than we could have ever imagined. Currently, we are a family of 10 with one in college. Three are foster children that have been with us
for 18 months.

We view our foster care journey as a ministry. No matter how long a child stays in our home, they are a part of our family. Their time may be short or long, but we want to be sure that when they go, they know they were loved. Sometimes our phone rings in the middle of the night, and the agency is just trying to find somewhere for the child or
children to stay until a relative can be located or a long term placement is found. We want to give the children a safe, Christian, loving home.

The blessing for us is to watch the children begin to heal, thrive, grow, trust and overcome the hurt and pain in their lives. To us, our greatest reward is when we get to hold a scared child and read a book or to sit on the edge of their beds to listen to their thoughts, feelings and dreams. These are the times that make it all worth it. To see that scared face turn into a smiling face, to sometimes see them succeed in school for
the first time and their lives become a little more stable, and to watch their self esteem grow, is the most wonderful thing in the world. Then there are the relationships you begin to have with the birth family. And when the child is reunited, you remain in contact and watch them grow. There is no better feeling. You know then why God put them in your life for that season.

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No matter how long a child stays in our home, they are a part of our family.

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