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Fostering to me means we are given the opportunity to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for someone who is possibly scared, hurt, angry, lonely, lost and more. We know “it’s not home” at first. We only hope they will come to see us as an extension of their family and as a resource to help the biological family grow and heal and hopefully be reunited. If returning is not an option, we know we are blessed with getting to know the children while we help them prepare to meet and transition to a new forever home.

We often hear “the children are lucky to have you.” I think WE are the lucky ones. I can honestly say each of the many children that have passed through our doors has touched my heart and helped me continue to grow every day. I have questioned whether we should have waited until our bio children were older. However, I look at them today and know they have a greater sense of compassion not just for foster children but for the world in general.

We adopted in 2015. We chose to add a 16 year old girl to our family. We made this decision after watching her interact with our biological children as if she had been in our family as long as they had been. We’ve had our ups and downs since finalization and we are continuing to work on blending our family. During this time of adjustment, she has taught us even more patience and understanding of people for who they are.

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We often hear "the children are lucky to have you." I think WE are the lucky ones.

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