The Barnes Family


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The Barnes Family

Pictured (L to R) : Brooklyn Barnes – Age 3; David Barnes (Adoptive Father); Carson Barnes – Age 5; Sarah Barnes (Adoptive Mother); Addison Barnes – age 2

Tonight I sat rocking my oneyearold foster daughter to sleep. I admired her precious curls, her beautiful eyes and her chubby cheeks. I have rocked this baby girl before bed every night for almost a year. I have had the privilege of kissing her booboos and reading her bedtime stories.

I was there for her first word and her first step. She is very much a part of my family, but I know she will be leaving us soon. A piece of my heart will leave with her. She is why we foster.

After dinner one night my teenage foster son thanked me, as usual, for making the meal. I told him how nice it was that he appreciated my cooking. He told me before he came into foster care that dinner was a luxury. My cooking isn’t even that good. He is why we foster.

I have seen the tears of joy from a parent who walks out of court with custody of their child after months of working tirelessly to change their circumstances. Those families are why we foster.

I walk past my daughters’ room every evening when they’re supposed to be asleep. They are giggling in their beds. I hear them tell each other, “I love you,” “I love you more.” We adopted them after fostering them for 20 months. They are together, forever. They are why we foster.

My husband and I have seven children, at least that’s our total today, ranging from newborn to 16 years old. Some days are hard and some days are a breeze. We initially decided to foster as a means of filling a void in our hearts and home. We had one son, by way of adoption, and thought “maybe one or two more.” And then we got the call for one, then another and here we are today with a house full. Our lives are never dull.

There have been many children that have come through our home and there will be more in the future. Some have stayed a day, others several months and some forever. Each has their own story. Through foster care, my family has gained wonderful memories. My family has grown. We have learned how to adapt to constant change. We have made many lasting friendships. Though I wish there wasn’t a need for foster care, I realize the importance and am so thankful for my family’s experience.

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We initially decided to foster as a means of filling a void in our hearts and home.


  1. Gloria Parker

    Sarah, you have a beautiful story and a beautiful family. It is a pleasure to work with such a loving and giving person as you. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do to make these children’s lives better. This is a much needed way to “pay it forward”. May the blessings of the Lord always overtake you and your family.

    I have met many people during my 16+ years of fostering, but few have the heart that you have. Our children need more people like you and your husband in their lives. Continue to let your lights shine.

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